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The appendix is a small, tube-shaped organ attached to the large intestine. The precise function of the appendix is unknown, but it’s thought to help with recovery from diarrhea, inflammation, and intestinal infections. An inflamed appendix causes a condition called appendicitis, which may cause pain in your lower right abdomen. If this condition develops, it may be best to have your appendix removed. Don’t worry—you can get along just fine without this organ.

The official name for appendix removal is appendectomy. This is among the most common surgeries performed in the U.S. The team at Surgical Professionals has performed numerous successful appendectomies over the past 20 years, and we’re confident we can help your procedure go as planned.

To schedule an appendectomy in Arizona, please contact us at 480-892-2456. We operate at most major hospitals in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek areas.

Who Needs an Appendectomy?

appendix discomfort appendectomy general surgeons surgical professionalsIf appendicitis goes untreated, the appendix could burst, releasing bacteria and other harmful substances into the abdominal cavity, which can be life-threatening. Appendectomy is the standard treatment for an inflamed appendix, and it’s critical to remove the organ before it bursts. Therefore, you should seek treatment right away if you exhibit these symptoms:


  • Pain in the lower right abdomen
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Rigid abdominal muscles
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low-grade fever

Remember that not everyone with appendicitis has all these symptoms.
If you suspect you have appendicitis, go to the emergency room immediately. You may need an appendectomy right away to prevent complications.

How is an Appendectomy Performed?

Removing the appendix is a fairly straightforward procedure. The two most common methods include open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

In an open appendectomy, the surgeon makes one long incision over the appendix. The organ is removed, and the wound is closed with stitches. If the appendix has burst, this method allows the doctor to clean the abdominal cavity.  This is the traditional way to perform an appendectomy.

In a laparoscopic appendectomy, your surgeon makes several small incisions. Then, a tiny light, HD camera, and other surgical tools are inserted through the incisions. The appendix is removed, and the wounds are closed and dressed. This option generally offers a shorter recovery time. In fact, at Surgical Professionals, we often can discharge you directly home from the recovery room if your appendix has not yet ruptured at time of surgery.  We do the majority of our appendectomies with this approach.

Rarely, if you have appendicitis with severe complications such as an abscess, rupture, or other problem, you may need to have a larger incision performed to safely do your surgery.  This is rare, but occasionally necessary to treat you properly.

When the appendectomy is complete, you’ll need to remain in the hospital for several hours while doctors monitor your physical condition. Some patients return home the same day, while others require an overnight hospital stay. If you have had a leak or a rupture from your appendix, you may need to stay in the hospital several days to be treated with IV antibiotics.  Full recovery takes about four to six weeks, but generally you are able to walk around your home the same day of surgery.

Risks of Appendectomies

Because we perform a high volume of appendectomies each year, our patients are set up for a successful surgery. Still, all medical procedures come with risks. The ones most often associated with this surgery include:

  • Pain, discomfort, infection, and bleeding at the incision sites.
  • Injury to nearby organs,
  • Postsurgical infection or abscess. This can sometimes occur several weeks after surgery.
  • Blocked bowels. This is uncommon after appendectomy.

Please note that the risks of an appendectomy are generally less than the risks of untreated appendicitis.

Schedule an Appendectomy in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and Surrounding Areas

If you are exhibiting signs of appendicitis, you may need surgery to restore your health. With the general surgeons at Surgical Professionals, you’re in good hands! We were founded in the East Valley in 2000. For the past two decades, we have developed close relationships with our patients and primary care colleagues to deliver the best possible results.

We offer an extensive range of general surgeries, including appendectomies, allowing us to provide comprehensive care. Rest assured that we always do right by our patients.

If you think you have appendicitis, we recommend you either immediately call us or go to our emergency room and request to be seen by one of the surgeons at Surgical Professionals.

Please contact us at 480-892-2456 to schedule a consultation for an appendectomy in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and surrounding areas.

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AMAZING! Dr. Ju is an awesome Dr he did an emergency surgery on me, he was so calm and professional. He made what could have been a horrible experience so easy. Thank you, Dr. Ju,
I have had 2 surgeries by Dr. Ju, gallbladder removal & a small fatty tissue tumor in my lower back. Both we’re successful with no complications. Dr. Ju is not only highly skilled as a surgeon, but he is also very personal & compassionate.

John Maas /

March, 2020 Dr. Gray performed my thyroid cancer surgery. Everything went as he said it would. He is a very competent and gifted surgeon. I would highly recommend him as a surgeon.

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Really trust this Dr. Ju. I am glad I had him to do emergency surgery on me and to put things back to normal.

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July 7 2016 Dr. Grey took the time to answer all my questions even after I had left the office . I was referred to him after a failed attempt with another surgeon and so far I’m 14 hours post surgery and doing good . Thank you Jennifer for your efforts and Dr. Grey

Tiff in Phoenix, AZ /

What can I say Dr. Ju did my very first ever surgery, and wow he was amazing, I was scared out of my mind but he made me feel comfortable, I healed nicely and was no longer in pain. He is an amazing surgeon god definitely blessed his ability.

Agina Blaw /

Dr Gray did an excellent job twice when my father had hernias. One was an emergency situation, and the other was not. Both times, Dr Gray showed expertise in diagnosing the problem, performing the surgery, setting our expectations and follow through after the procedure. I definitely would recommend him for your surgical procedures.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Devin L Gray  /

Dr. Ju saved my life. I had surgery back in 2010 (almost 10 years ago). He is an amazing surgeon with a wonderful concern for his patients. His staff were also very professional and caring during a very difficult time in my life. Thank you, Doctor Ju.

Rose Martin /

Had an inguinal hernia Dr Gray did a great job I strongly recommend his skills

Self-verified patient of Dr. Devin L Gray  /

Dr Ju is amazing. It was my first surgery and I was scared. I came thru it no problems. Thank you!

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My entire experience with Doctor Gray was of the utmost professionalism courtesy kindness by all of his staff included. Doctor Gray was dynamic in his experience and his knowledge. In my experience I thought I was taken care very well which gave me a great level of confidence in my experience through this surgery.

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This Doctor saved my life and I have nothing but admiration for him. Dr. Brian Ju was my surgeon for the removal of my gall bladder 2 weeks ago. He is the most phenomenal and adept surgeon I’ve ever experienced. He even coordinated with the anesthesiologists to ensure that the anesthesia had anti-nausea elements because of my history with nausea!

Sherri Smith /

I am not from the valley but was here to visit my son and his family. Dr. Gray and his staff were amazing in getting me in and actually scheduling my surgery the day after I had my first visit. The office staff – especially Alex is absolutely the BEST. Everyone is extremely efficient and at the same time – very caring. I can not thank Dr. Gray and his staff more! Very grateful and I wish I could package what you have going on and take it home with me! THANK YOU!!!!

Kathi in Pueblo, Colorado /

I was fortunate have Dr. Ju for two surgeries. He was an excellent surgeon for one, and his bed side manor was outstanding. I felt very confident with Dr. Ju and his staff. If I were to have any procedures or surgeries done in the future, I would schedule them with Dr. Ju and the excellent staff at Surgical Professionals Inc. Thank you again to a wonderful professional staff.

Robert Reindl /


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10 years ago, gall bladder, now hernia repair. I specifically went back to him because of his bedside manner and professionalism. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for a positive experience.

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Excellent bedside manner and surgical skill. Would definitely recommend him!

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